Online TIN Registration Bangladesh

Step by step online TIN registration process. Online TIN Registration and Tax Calculation in Bangladesh. Online Income Tax Payment. This year, Tax payer have to get new TIN number before submitting Tax return.They can get registration online.

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has digitalized their service. Now Tax payer can get Tax certificate from internet. NBR is trying to reduce complexity of Tax return. e TIN Registration Process in Bangladesh

Individual income tax return submission time has been extended for another month . Income tax return can be submitted until December 31 for Tax Year 2013-14 . National Board of Revenue ( NBR ) has announced.

Regular individual income tax return submission deadline was September 30, 2013. One month after the end of the two-time increased revenue . The latest interim period was set to end today.

Apply Online TIN Registration

eTIN registration is very easy process but most of the people don’t know, how to get digital TIN number. Before registration, they have to create user name and password. Then they can login using new user name & password. After login, eTIN registration will be available.

TIN Re-Registration Process for Individual


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