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Step by step online TIN registration process. Online TIN Registration and Tax Calculation in Bangladesh. Online Income Tax Payment. This year, Tax payer have to get new TIN number before submitting Tax return.They can get registration online.The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has digitalized their service. Now Tax payer can get Tax certificate from internet. NBR is trying to reduce complexity of Tax return. e TIN Registration Process in Bangladesh
Individual income tax return submission time has been extended for another month . Income tax return can be submitted until December 31 for Tax Year 2013-14 . National Board of Revenue ( NBR ) has announced. Regular individual income tax return submission deadline was September 30, 2013. One month after the end of the two-time increased revenue . The latest interim period was set to end today.

Online TIN Registration

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TIN Re-Registration Process for Individual

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  • salam,

    ami 2013 year a aykor prottaon potro koraci,online a ki babha aykor prottaon potro korbo.jodi bujiya bolan kub khusi hobo.

    • online a eTIN korte hobe. Return dakhil korte hobe off line a

  • I have forgotten my e-tin Number & user ID . How can I get my e TIN certificate in on line .

  • I would like registration for TIN by online. I have tried but failed. Will you please help me?

  • I forgot my username & password. How can i get my username & password for e-Tin

  • I get A TIN Number from E-TIN Registration.
    Escalation Date & Status, Verify Date & Status, Approval Date & Status Showing Pending. How Can my TIN get Escalation,Verify and get Approval from NBR.
    But I don’t Know how can i Process next step for TIN Approval.
    Please Advice.

    • did u get any advice for approval? if not then wait for approval

  • Hi there, I’m living in overseas since 2003 and I send money to Bangladesh in my Bank account for my family. My question is currently my bank is deducting tax 15% from my account. How can I get a TIN certificate even if I live in overseas. This way I can pay 10% tax to the government. My bank asked me to provide my TIN then they can deduct 10% tax from my account.

    Please give me a feedback about the above matter.

    • u can get TIN number online from any where. right now i did not see tax file submission online system.

  • I have been nigeria for 5 years. during this time i didnt pay any tax even i dont have any TIN number. Right now i want to sattle in Bangladesh. What i have to do with TIN number. I am doing job dhaka right now.

    • u may create new TIN from online and get preparation to submit tax file for new tax year. remittance is tax free income

  • how can i check my TIN file online ???

    • TIN file online a check kora jabe na. TIN certificate dekte paren

  • i have already got e tin no. but not stored the no. how i can collect the e tin no.i have recieved a mobile activation code.

    • login again and there u get tin certificate.

  • I hereby affirm that all information given above is correct & complete and I have not taken any TIN.

    When I want to make the tick mark before this disclaimer, no result actually I found, although Final Preview is showing. What can I do now? I badly need to get my e-Tin.
    Please let me know urgently!!!!!!

    • clear your browser cookies. It is best if u use firefox.

  • I had an old TIN created by my office on 2009, so after this year i have left the job and didn’t submitted return after this year. What should i do? Should i continue old tin or new registration to avoid the fine ?

    • u can create new TIN no problem but u should talk with lawyer.

  • ki vave ame amar ame log in korvo amar user id

    • protome register your self then u will get user name password

  • I am a private service holder. last 3 years my office(tax department) paid my income tax from salary regular basis. Now I want to get/ convert my TIN number into E-TIN. How can I do it? Please suggest me.

    • Last date of Tax submission 1/12/2013. To get etin, first register your self. Then U have username & password. Login again and click eTIN Re-Registration and follow step by step.easy…..

  • My E-TIN activation code is showing invalid for mobile activation. What can be done ?

  • i am a privet service holder. i want to get tin number. how can i get the tin.

  • i am a privet service holder age above 30. now i want to get tin number. how can i proceed for new tin number.please give me suggestion.


    • step-1: get registration at ffirst. u require username password.

      step-2: login using your username & password and u get a link below the page mention TIN Registration/Re-Registration. click on this link and follow step by step. it’s very easy…

  • dear sir

    i have need agree to tin certificate. pls help me.

  • I am facing problem regarding my NID number. Though I fill it correctly but when I go to click next , its automatically add my birth year at the initial of the NID no. so the whole number become change and I can’t proceed for further.

    Pls advise.

  • i can do re registration but i what can i do

    • at first get registration to get username password then login for re-registration. after login, u get a link below the page “Registration/Re-Registration”. Follow step by step. it’s very easy

  • How can I open new TIN Number

    • at first get registration. u will get user nam and password. then login and click on registration/re-registration link and follow step by step

  • I am a tax payer since 25 years. I tried to re-register. I have not been given a new TIN. Now the NRB is asking me on the computer screen to go to Bangladesh with my passport. If I now wish to go home, I need Tk 100, 000 for an air ticket and get 7 days leave from the office. Is is justified?

    • whats your problem to get 12 digit TIN from online. It’s very easy. Try to use firefox browser. if u face problem comment here

  • WassalamuAlaikum

    Last 3 years i am Taxpayer at this moment i can’t find my Previous TIN number,
    Now how can i Process re-Registration my e TIN Number
    Pls advice me

    • u don’t have TIN certificate? it is difficult to find it. u have two way 1. take new tin registration, 2. contact with your circle office

  • I cann’t login for e-TIN re-registration. Would you please tell me the solution for login so that I can do my re-registration from my PC?

    • u have to apply online. u can try again by using firefox browser

  • Now I re-registration my e-tin number and I get new tin number. I found that my taxpayer zone 03-Chittagong and tax circle is 061 (Rawjan). But in this moment my tax file is now Chandpur circle under chittagong zone. What can do? and How?

  • I don’t have national ID card, as ID I have passport no only. How could I fill up the form in the ID section where the National ID Card number is mandatory.

  • When I am trying to online eTIN registration, that time always show the below mess. What can I do?

    This Connection is Untrusted

    You have asked Firefox to connect
    securely to http://www.incometax.gov.bd, but we can’t confirm that your connection is secure.
    Normally, when you try to connect securely,
    sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are
    going to the right place. However, this site’s identity can’t be verified.
    What Should I Do? If you usually connect to this site without problems, this error could mean that someone is trying to impersonate the site, and you shouldn’t continue.Technical Details I Understand the Risk

    • use firefox and ignore this message. I am not facing any problem

  • web site load hoche. I log in use my user id. pls try again in off time

  • just 1 question, how can possible cheque my tin number right or wrong by anyone ?

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