Pohela Boishakh Shuvo Noboborsho

Pohela Boishakh is Bangla Noboborsho (Bangla New Year, Happy New Year, Bengali Nowruz). It is generally 14th April of English Calendar. It is one of the biggest festival in Bangladesh and India. Bengali community all around the world celebrate this day. Fry Hilsa Fish and Panta Vat is one of the favorite food item of the day. People get up early and take bath on Pohela Boishakh. They get traditional food on morning and go to Boishakhi Mela. There they enjoy Bangla Tradition song at Ramna Batamul all the day.

History of Pohela Boishakh:
The Bengali Calendar is very close with Hindu Vedic Solar Calendar. The 3rd Mughal Emperor, introduced the Bengali Calendar. Primarily Bangla Calendar was known Fasli San and it was launched on 10/11 March 1584.

Bangla New Year is National Holy day in Bangladesh. Primarily it was rural festival but now it is a vast event in cities. All classes of people gathering under a big tree in Dhaka City. People wear bangali traditional dress and women like red & white shari. It is major holidays celebrated in Bangladesh and West Bengal.

Pohela Boishakh Picture:


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