How to Change Eraser Size in Paint

How to change eraser size in paint windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Increase eraser size in paint. Change eraser shape in Photoshop, Illustrator. How to change brushes size in paint. Eraser and Paint Brush shape need to change various purpose. But most of the cases, user do not know the process. Eraser size change is a very simple process. This process almost same for windows 7 and windows 10. If any one want to erase specific area, they need to use zoom option of the image with various shape of eraser.

User can change eraser shape, brushes shape from Home menu. After opening Paint Application, you will get Home button. Under home button, You will get eraser, pencil, brushes icon. Open image by paint, then select eraser then size option.

Step by Step process of change Eraser, Pencil, Brushes shape:
Step-1: Open Paint Application

Step-2: Zoom the image then select eraser/pencil/brush then select size

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