How to Hide & Unhide Hard Drives Partition in Windows XP/Vista/7

How to hide and unhide hard drive partition? Step by step process to hide hard drive in windows xp/7. Hard disk drive letter hide process. Hide hard drive partition and save data. Hide your hard drive from children. Dismount hard drive partition. Save your data & file by hiding hard drive letter. Unhide hard disk partition. [br]  [br]

STEP-1: See total hard disk drive as bellow picture. I will hide F drive.

[br] STEP-1: Go Windows command promt. C:/>

STEP-2: Write Diskpart in command promt. C:/>diskpart as bellow picture. To see drive volume write DISKPART>list volume

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 [br] STEP-3: To select drive letter write DISKPART>select volume 4 and to hide F drive write DISKPART>remove letter F as below picture. [br]  [br]

STEP-4: F drive has removed/hide. see from below picture

STEP-5: To unhide drive letter, write DISKPART>assign letter F and see drive letter F has back

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