Add Places to Google Map for Public (Step by Step)

How to Add Places to Google Map for public ? How to Add Location to Google Map with Photo? This article show you how to submit business place in Google Map with Picture. Any one can add shop, store, Home, School, College, University, Bus Stop, Office location in Google Map street view. You can add any places in Google by Mobile or Computers.

Step by Step process to add place in Google Map:
1. Open Google Map. During this process you must logged in google account.
2. Press on Contribute Tab (+) Plus button and press on Add Place button
3. Now you have to fill the form including location name and select category
4. Then you can add places photo, Contact number, Business time etc
5. After completed the form fill up, you have to press the save button
6. Finally you have to press send button to add location in Google Map

After save the the location it would not add automatically on Google Map. Google Authority will review the site and informed the user by email. Normally Google conform the change within 24 hours or before.

Step-1: Open Map and Press Contribute Option

Step-2: Press on ADD PLACE Option

Step-3: Fill up Location Address and update location on Google Map

Now a days Google Map is a essential tool to find business location. User can easily find their desired location/address using smart phone. To increase sales you should add your business location in google map. Then users can find your location and reach easily to shop or other purpose.

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