National University Honours Admission Quota Result 2013-2014 & Notice

Quota Result will publish on March 8, 2014. NU Honours Admission Test 2nd Merit List 2013 has published. Admission date and schedule has published. National University 1st Year Admission Circular 2013-2014 has published. Download NU Honours Admission admission Test Notice 2013. Students have to apply online. Application period 20/11/2013 to 5/12/2013. Admission test will be held on 27 December, 2013. NU Admission Test seat plan 2013 will be publish here. National University Honours 1st Year Admission Circular 2013 will be publish soon. HSC Result 2013 has published. 2nd merit list will publish after 10/02/2014.
Applicant have to submit their their application to respectively college within 5/12/2013. Student must carry admit card & SSC registration card during admission test. Minimum GPA 2.0 require for SSC & HSC exam. Applicant age not over 22 years.

What is the main point of Circular?

Application Open: 20/11/2013
Application Dead Line: 05/12/2013
Admission Test: 27/12/2013
SSC Pass: 2009, 2010, 2011
HSC Pass: 2012, 2013
Age Limit: 22 Years
Online Application:
Seat Plan: Seat Plan will on 23/24 December, 2013
Exam Type: MCQ
Total Number: 100 marks for Admission Test

How to get exam schedule and seat plan?

Students can get seat plan from National University web site. To get exam schedule & seat plan, you may get from web site (

National University Honours Quota Result 2013:new

Candidates can get NU Admission Result by Teletalk Mobile. SMS format is given bellow:
 SMS: NU<space>AT<space>Roll and send to 16222

NU Admission Test Seat Plan:

National university Honours Admission Test seat plan has published. Students can check seat plan by college wise. Seat Plan

 Download Honours Admission Test Center List 2013

 Check Exam Center & College Code by Roll

Download 1st Year Honours Admission Notice 2013-2014 from below links:

 Link page 1  Link page 2  Link page 3  Link page 4  Link page 5
 Link page 6  Link page 7  Link page 8  Link page 9  Link page 10
 Link page 11  Link page 12 Link page 13

Admission Date from 1st Merit List:

Students who get chance in 1st merit list, they have to fill up online form and print on A4 paper. Admission form submission period 28/1/2014 to 10/2/2014.
Admission payment Bank Draft last date 16/2/2014. Download details circular.

Quota Result & Release Slip:

Honours Admission Test quota result will publish on March 8, 2014. Result will be available by SMS and website. Release slip will be available from 10-20 March, 2014.

2nd Release Slip Applicationnew

Honours Admission Release Slip Result has published. Students can check result by sms or from bellow web site. Online admission period 29/3/2014 to 7/4/2014. Download Circular

Subject Change:

If you want to change subject then select “Do you want to change your assigned subject based on your given preference list?” option from your profile. Just login and click on Admission Form.

Enter Application Roll & PIN Number for 2nd Release Slip:

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  • Bhaia 2nd release slip e apply korar somoy koyta college choice dea jabe?

  • vai ami ki 2nd release slip pabo .amar marks 128 and english 10
    amar roll 7723430 and pin no 179372
    amaka please janan

  • we regret to inform you that you are not in the list of successfull candifates.vai ami ki 2nd release slip pabo.plz janaben.

  • Bhaia 2nd release slip er jonno ki abar apply korte hobe naki er modhe theke hobe?
    Ami college change korte chai Seta ki somvob?

    • hopefully 2nd release slip er jonney apply korte hobe. College change korte hole migration er jonney apply korte hobe.

  • vaia 2nd releas slip kobe dibe?je din rejult dibe she din ke college aplay korte hobe?

    • exact date jana nai. result dile admission er jonney 4/5 din somai dai

  • 2nd release slip dilay sata janbo ki vabay
    bolban please.

  • Via, Assalamu alaikum. ami release slip peyechi kintu Vorti hoini. ami ki 2nd release slip ar abedon korte parb. 2nd release slip kobe hote pare. please bolle khuboi khushi hob.

    • apply korte parben. exact date pai ni

      • vaia 2nd relese slip 17 tarikha diba ki?

  • 2nd release slip ki dibay . jodi na day taholay ami ki addmission nita parbo na
    amar passed marks 128 and ami english a paisi 10 ami ki addmission nita parbo naki parbo na aktu janaban please.

    ami ki 2nd time nu ar undara addmission test dita parbo
    amar ssc- 2009
    aktu janaban please.

  • vaia ame to pass korse but subjekt paina tai bole ki honuarse borte hote parbo na.tahole kenu nu pass koriye asay rakhru?amr basay sobay boka disse ki korobo kiso bojte parsina.vaia ame ki releas slip diye digree college borte hote parbo nu ki a help korbe.plz ans me!

    • 2nd release dile try koren. jara pass koreche tader modhey theke jara beshi mark paiche tara subject pabe

  • When will be published 2nd Release slip ?

  • Vai ami pass koreci but subject pai na 1st releshipe apply korar sojog pai na 2st releshipe dive

    • Ans pai na

      • pls question again? oneke comment kore tai miss hote pare

    • hopefully 2nd release slip dibe. dile apply korte parben

  • vai relese slip ar 2nd bar result dibea naki ?

  • Vaia ami 2nd ki ar kono result dibe na ki plz bolben

  • Vhi
    ami Shiddisory college e management a chang paice. ami ke akhon Subject change kor Accounting nite parbo. ar jonno ke korte hobe

    • management a admission nen. pore subject change er jonney apply korte hobe

  • release slip er maddhome asse Tejgaon Mohila College,, onno kon college e vorti howa jabe na?

  • “BBA Professional” under NU er Result kobe dibe, bolben please?

  • vai class kobe thek suru?

    • orientation class will be start on 30/3/2014

      • I have been admitted in zoology.but I want to change my subject. Is there still now any way to change the subject?

        • only way if nu call for subject migration application.

  • Rol-5800451
    result ta ektu janan pls,

    • Congratulations!
      You are assigned PHILOSOPHY (1701) at Dania College, DHAKA according to Release Slip.

  • Bhaia Jara ekhon chance pai nai tader ki r vorti howar sujog ase? Ekhon Amra ki korbo?

    • 2nd release slip dile parben

      • vaia jader sms a not assign any college or subject asce tader jonno ki ai 2nd relase

        • ai relese slip koba diba

        • ha

          • 2nd release slip koba diba r ata kara nita parba ai slip ta

            • jader chance hoy ni tara nite parbe. 1st release slip er admission complete hole next circular

  • AssalamuAlaikum,
    vai,Release slip a amar college asce habibulla bahar,akhon ki r college poriborton korte parbo?
    borti howar last date kobe?

    • ekhon korte parben na. admission period 29/3/2014 to 7/4/2014

  • vae amader class kobe start hbe

  • orientation class 30/3/2014. pls contact with college

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