Jahangirnagar University (JU) Admission Result Notice 2014-2015 & Seat Plan

Jahangirnagar University Honours 1st Year Admission Test Circular 2014-15. Online Application period 17/8/2014 to 2/9/2014. JU Previous Undergraduate admission application last date was  August 31, 2014. JU Undergraduate admission test will start from September 13, 2014 and it will be continue up to September 25, 2014. JU Admission Test Schedule & Mark Distribution has published. Seat Plan will published before 10th September, 2014.

Jahangirnagar University invited application for honours admission 2014-2015 in various unit and department. Students have to apply by Teletalk Mobile within August 31, 2014. Total GPA will be calculated in SSC & HSC exam including 4th subjects. From this year, students have to apply separately for each subjects. Admission test related information will be updated by JU web site

JU Admission Test Admit Card Download:

Admission test postponed but students are requested to download admit card from online. Admit card available in web site.

JU Admission Test and Result 2014:

Admission test question type is MCQ & score is not same for all unit. Because unit wise admission test marks allocated. Each wrong answer, 0.20 mark will be deducted. Students can check admission result by JU website or mobile SMS. Mobile SMS process is given below:

JU<space>R<space>Roll send to 3690

JU Admission Test Seat Plan:
Applicant can check admission test seat plan by Teletalk Mobile. Seat Plan SMS process is given bellow:
JU<space>S<space>Roll send to 3690

JU Admission Revised Circular 2014-2015:
Jahangirnagar University has published revised admission circular 2014. Application date has increased and requirements has reduced. Download Admission Revised Notice 2014

Download Jahangirnagar University Admission Circular 2014

JU Admission Test Mark Distribution

JU Admission Test Routine 2014:
17/9/2014: A-Unit Math & Physics Faculty
18/9/2014: D-Unit Biology Faculty
20/9/2014: B-Unit, H-Unit Social Science Faculty, IIT
21/9/2014: E-Unit Business Studies Faculty
22/9/2014: C-Unit Arts & Humanities faculty
23/9/2014: F-Unit Law Faculty

Download Details Admission Test Schedule & Routine 2014

D-unit Seat-plan (Biological sciences): Click here (11 Sep, 2014)

JU Revised Exam Schedule:

D-Unit Exam on 18/9/2014 will be held on 24/9/2014

E,G-Unit Exam on 21/9/2014 will be held on 25/9/2014

C-Unit Exam on 22/9/2014 will be held on 27/9/2014

Unit Wise Admission Result:

C-1  to   C-9  units : (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)

C1-unit Department: International Relations


C2-unit Department: English


C3-unit Department: History


C4-unit Department: Philosophy


C5-unit Department: Drama and Dramatics

Candidates Selected for Viva-Voce


C6-unit Department: Archaeology


C7-unit Department: Bangla


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