Degree Private Admission & Registration 2013-2014 National University

National University Degree Pass BA/BSS/BBS (Private) Exam online registration 2013. Application form download period 28/10/2013 to 27/11/2013. Application submission last date 4/12/2013. Exam date and seat plan will be publish here.
HSC 2010 passed or before from any education board, they can apply for Degree (pass) course 2013. Alim passed 2010 or earlier than 2010 from Madrasah Education, they are eligible to apply degree pass course (private) exam registration. Students who passed HSC/Equivalent in 2011, 2013 and age 24 years as on 27/5/2013, they can apply for registration.
Registration fee: Tk. 350/= each person.Enlisted fee: Tk. 150/=
Students who are in prison cell, they are not eligible for registration. Applicant have to seat exam center which is selected by University authority. Students could not change exam center without permission of University Authority.

Download Degree (Private) Exam Online Registration Circular 2013 from below links:

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  • sir degree private registration kobe?

    • May be next month

      • 2013 ta private a admission nici…akon ki abar registration hoby na sorasori form fill up hoby…amder session 2013

  • degree-private pass cours koba thaka hoba

  • ami 1994 ssc. r 1996 hsc. ami ke degree private dete parbo

  • Degree private admission circular ta kon website a powa jaba…………

  • vaiya ami 2008 a ssc r 2012 te open thake Hsc pass korchi . ami ki regular degree te admission nite parbo ?

  • ai month a ki private degree admission date dayar somvobona ache ki ?

  • vaiya private a degree admission er confirme kono date ki hoisa kindly ekto janaben please

  • NU te BSC Privet Admition carcular kobe dibe , eta ki degree r songa dibe na pore diba, & ei circualr(ei website e) kothai pabo, link dila upokrito hobo………….

    • BSC may be private hobe na. But wait for circular

  • vai ptivate teke bbs korla hig schooler english teacher er nebondon korte parbo ki?plz janaben.

  • I am Md Ashraful, I employe of government service. I completed SSC on 2004 and HSC 2006. After completed HSC I admitted Degree (pass) and joint the service same year. I continue two years but I not completed graduation. At this moment time over to continue graduation as general student. Now I like to start Degree (pass) in private student of NU. It is possible? But how? Please direction me………….

    • possible. hopefully next month circular dibe. takhon registration korte hobe

  • Shahid Sir, Assalamualaikum, Degree Private Admission Registration-er circular hoyese ki ? Or Shomvabbo Date Pawa gese ki ?

    • registration circular hoy ni. hopefully next month

  • hello..amar s.s.c 2008 e & h.s.c 2010 e…..ekhon ami ACCA course kortesi…..ekhon ki ami private versity te deegre (pass course) korte parbo…..r korte parle ssc & hsc te ki grade thakte hobe..?

  • Bi ami Degree 2012-2013 sikka borser student. I want Know that we registation kobe hobe.

  • Ami ssc 2008 e & diploma in health (3 years) 2013 te pass korechi amar age 24+ ami ki private e admission nite parbo & 2014 te admission Nile final exam Kobe hobe & eta ki semester system & koto years somoy lagbe…..
    Please… Janaben

  • Shaheed Vaiya, Degree Private Registration -er Circular hoyese ki ?

  • ami 2009 ssc 2013 hsc ami private degree admission nite parbo, please bolun.

  • Degree Private Registration o ki regular admission er moto merit list dibe, then final registration lorte hobe??

    • na, jara registration korbe tara exam dite parbe

  • 2008-09 academic year 2013 exam dewa jabe? only English

    • registration age korte hoy. registraion na korle exam dite parben na

  • Sir, Open University has a degree named ‘BELT’. I passed HSC in 2002. Can I get
    admitted in that?

  • vi 2014 (private) degree admission kobe theke?

  • Ami Bangladesh Army te job kori. Ami amry thake permission niche akhon ki Certificate and Marks sheet ar photocopy diye Degree pass private a admission nite parbo?

    • hopefully parben butu should talk with National University. Normally admission nite original papers lage

  • I passed H.S.C in 2002. Can I join private degree.

  • via ame 2013 degree exam rutin pabo
    kamon kora?

  • degree private admission kokon theke suru hobe?

  • Vai ami 2014 degree private admission kobe thake suru hobe.Please tell me. Amar jonno duya korbe vai ami jeno admission nite pari. Thank you very much.

  • vhi ami apnake akta ans krbo? Ans ta holo- degree privet a korle vhalo hobe naki BOU te korle vhalo hobe? Kon degree r maan beshi?

  • Amar SSC a Certificate and Marks sheet jehetu Bangladesh Navy te joma ami jodi SSC a Certificate and Marks sheet a photocopy and HSC a Original Certificate and Marks sheet di tahle ki ami degree private a admission hote parbo? Ami Bangaladesh Navy a kas thake admisssion a jonno approve nibo? Please tell me.

    • if u are service holder in Navy then u must get permission from NAVY

  • next month dite pare

  • parben

  • Vai ami 2010 a HSC passed korsi akhon ami degree private a admission nite chai. But amar SSC a Certificate and Marks Sheet Bangladesh Navy te joma. akhon ki ami only HSC a kagoz diye admission nite parbo. Please help me.

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