Degree Admission Notice 2013-2014 National University

National University has published 3 years degree (pass) course admission notice 2012-2013 for 1st Year BA/BSS/BSc/BBS/BFA. Students have to apply online within April 18, 2013. Students who passed HSC/Alim/Diploma Engineering/HSC from Open University in 2010, 2011,2012, they can apply for Degree admission. Students can download application from http://nubd.info/degree-pass site.
Various Fee for Degree Admission:
Online processing fee: Tk. 150/=
Registration fee: Tk. 350/=
Sports fee: Tk. 20/=
BNCC fee: Tk. 5/=
Scoute fee: Tk. 10/=
Late fee: Tk. 200/=
Online Application form download:25/3/2013

Admission form submit: 18/4/2013

Online processing fee submit: 22/4/2013

Admission result: 7/5/2013

Admission last date: 16/5/2013

Admission with late fee: 27/5/2013

Class Start: 19/5/2013

Subject Change: 26/6/2013


 Degree Admission Notice 2014 is not publish yet

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  • vhai degree form sarse 15,4,2014 tarik ai news ta ki thik

  • sir, ami 2010 year a hsc pas korci . Ami ki digree te admission nite parbo?

    • last year 2010 porjonto niachilo. ebar nibe ki na bolte parchi na. pls wait for circular

  • sir, ami 2005 a hsc pass korece ,ami amar lakhar age comments gulo porece .tata daklam ami degree te vorti hote parbo na.but ami general line e porte chi .amar majkhaner somay guli job er karone porte parine.akhon amar probol ecca study kora.

    • open university porte paren or degree private korte paren National University te

  • degree admission date kobe diben?

  • vai amar ssc te 3.50 and hsc te 3.80 ami ki brindabon govt college borti hote arbo?

  • vhai dhaka collegea degree proti mase veton kata please janan

  • baia,
    Degree addmision koba diba,

  • vhai degreete ki chance pawa lage? jodi chance pawa lage tahole amir GPA S.S.C 4.25 and h.s.c 3.50 ami ki dhaka collegea chance pabo? ami commerch er student and commercha vorti hote chai.pls janaben.

    • kono admission test hoy na normally. hopefully parben

  • ami ssc te 3.63 paichi and hsc te 2.50 paichi.ami ki degree te vorti hote parbo?

  • ami 2007 a hsc pass korec degree te borti hote parbo ke.

  • vhai ami s.s.c GPA 4.25 and H.S.C GPA 3.50 ami ki dhaka college a degree te vorti hote parbo pls janaben.

  • sir
    degreer vorti kabe thaka suru?

  • Vai degree admission notice 2014 kobe dibe janen ki?

  • vhai dhaka college ki sarkari?

  • ami 2008 a hsc pass korechi.
    degree te ki admit hote parbo?
    Jodi na pari,er somomaner open university te bsc er upor kono course ache janale help hoto

    • parben na. BOU te generally arts /commerce type course ache

  • ভাই আমি ২০০৬ এ H S C পাস করেছি। আমি কি Regular BA Pass course e ভর্তি হএ পারব?

    • mone hoy na. pls read previous year circular. u can get from here

  • ভাই দয়া করে জানাবেন কি nu degree admission কবে থেকে?

  • sir!
    এই বছর degree তে admission নিতে কি exam দিতে হবে

  • hopefully parben. pls wait for circular

  • tara tari circular paben

  • Sir, Degree pore ki labh ace? ami a bochor honours chance paini? akhon ki korbo bolte parben? degree pore kono goti hobe?

  • honours poorte parle valo. sobai honours chai.

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