Create PayPal Account From Bangladesh

PayPal in Bangladesh open their operation very soon. User will get verified paypal account from Bangladesh. Paypal authority has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sonali Bank. MoU is a formal agreement with two parties. Information Minister Zunaid Ahmed Polok has declared that within 2 month, Bangladeshi citizen will get PayPal service. It’s a great achievement for BD Government because people who working with outsourcing, they can get payment easily from Bangladesh. User can create paypal online account from web site. Two types of paypal account one is Personal account and another is Business Account.

Can I Open verified PayPal Account in Bangladesh?
Right now it is not possible because presently paypal is not working here.   But after started Paypal Bangladesh operation, people can create paypal account in Bangladesh. Before create paypal account, they have to open formal bank account in Bangladesh. If Sonali Bank get permission, users have to open Bank Account at Sonali bank. But within short time, one more private bank will get permission.

How to get verified PayPal Account from Bangladesh?
user can create Paypal account easily. But make it operational, they have to get verification from paypal authority. To complete verification procedure, pay pal will asked for following documents:
1. user Bank Account details
2. National ID Card/ Passport /Driving License
3. Business Registration papers
4. By Name electricity bill/ utility bill copy
5. Debit Card /Credit Card information
6. Mobile Number/ Phone Number

Create PayPal Account

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    Is it safe to use Auction Essistance to help me set up a new PayPal account?

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    Open a account

    • February 18, 2017 at 8:20 pm

      ekhono paypal service start hoy ni


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