35 BCS Preliminary Exam circular 2014

BCS Preliminary (MCQ) Exam circular will publish soon. BCS Preli Exam question MCQ type and multiple choice system. BPSC will manage all exam related activities and they will publish Preliminary Exam schedule and seat plan. All BCS related information are available in site. BCS recruiting process are divided in three step. They are given below:
Step-1: Preliminary Exam (MCQ)
Step2: Written Exam
Step-3: Voice/VIVA
BCS preliminary exam is multiple choice type. This year applicant must apply online by fill up BPSC Form-1. After successfully completed online application, applicant will get user number and user ID. After getting user ID, applicant have to pay exam fee by sms. 34th BCS Preliminary Exam will be held on 2nd week of may-2013. In the circular, you will get; How to apply online?, Application process, How to pay exam fee details. For more information, download BCS Preliminary Circular.

Online BPSC Form-1 Fill Up and Schedule:

BCS Application Form Fill Up begin: February 18, 2013
Dead Line of BCS Application: March 19, 2013
Last date of fee submission: 22/3/2013 at 6:00 pm

BCS Application Fee Submit by SMS:

Applicant can pay their application by Mobile SMS. Application fee Tk. 500/- only. They have to use Teletalk Mobile to submit payment. Details BPSC payment SMS format are given below:
1. BPSC<space>User ID and send 16222
2. To pay fee: BPSC<space>YES<space>PIN and send to 16222

How to recover password?

After submission fee they will get user id and password by return message. If any one lost their user id and password, they can recover by SMS.
Lost Password: BPSC<>HELP<>SSC Board<>SSC Roll<>SSC Year and send to 1622

Download 34th BCS circular

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